We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files sent to, and saved on, the user’s computer, and they make it possible for the administrator of the website to anonymously identify visitors to the site and enable the creation of combination data on the visitors. On the basis of this feedback, we can continuously improve the contents of our website. Cookies do not damage the users’ computers or files. With the aid of cookies, we analyse the anonymous data of the online traffic and improve the website accordingly. We may place advertisements for users who visited the website, if they have enabled the storage of cookies in their browser.

If the user visiting our website does not want us to access the abovementioned information with the aid of cookies, most browsers allow the cookie function to be turned off. Usually this takes place via browser settings. It is, however, advisable to take into account the fact that cookies may be necessary for the proper functionality of some of the websites we maintain or services we offer.

Web analytics services collect unspecified data of the visitors to the website, including:

  • Age, gender, country, city, language, details of the online service provider
  • Sessions, number of sessions per user, usage data of the website
  • Imprecise interests indicated on the basis of web browsing
  • Phrases entered in the search box of the website
  • Technical properties of the terminal device used for the visit

Data collected through the website cannot be connected to personal details unless the user contacts us through the website and discloses their data. Details provided in the contact form are not stored in the data analytics tools.